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Today I’m repurposing my blog to focus on Enterprise LOB and Enterprise LOB touch applications. I’ll be covering WPF desktop applications, WinRT, and Windows Phone 8 applications.

I’m excited about Visual Studio 2013, Windows 8.1, and the Surface Pro 2; looking forward to the next version of Windows Phone 8 operating system as well.

The time has come for the Enterprise to touch their devices.  The touch hardware and software capabilities have advanced a long way in the last two years. Developers can author their touch applications using the WinRT API’s, Windows Phone 8 API’s, HTML5, WPF, or other device/vendor specific API’s.

To all my fellow developers, I do recognize the challenges for putting LOB in WinRT, but I’m choosing to see this as research and development; a time to push boundaries and see where this can go.

I’ll be implementing touch applications at my company; we already have several needs that can be addressed with these types of applications and devices.

Note: I have moved my Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 content pages to the Archive page on the above right. Also, I have left the Table of Contents entries alone so that readers needing Visual Studio 2010 content can still access it.

What to Expect from my Blog (my Roadmap)

I need a scenario to base the initial work on. So I’m going back to the BBQ Shack store and will build the below applications around this fictitious store. This store will have a WPF backend application, WinRT Touch Point of Sale, a Windows Phone 8 Inventory application, and two customer applications for placing orders using a Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8.1.

I’ll start off by compiling Prism 4 against .NET 4.51 and Unity 3.0. I use Prism in all my WPF applications.  I’ll be using Unity 3.0 in all my other applications.

Next, Ocean 4 for .NET 4.51. This is a very seasoned version that has been in production for over 2 years.  Many new API’s and helpful framework classes.

Next, Crank for .NET 4.51.  Crank is a code generator that uses metadata and T4 to generate entities, stored procedures, forms, and much more.  Crank is like having scaffolding on steroids, where the T4 templates can consume very detailed metadata and inject this into your code. Crank can generate code for any platform and has pluggable T4 templates. I will use Crank for all the below applications.

Next, BBQ Shack, a WPF/Prism/SQL Express 2008 R2 application that targets .NET 4.51.  All of the below applications will consume the data from the BBQ Shack SQL database.

Next, Ocean 4 for WinRT.

Next, WinRT LOB Touch Point of Sale (POS) for the BBQ Shack cash register.  This should be fun, using my Surface 2 Pro as a cash register.

I’m toying with the idea to write BBQ Shack as a WinRT app as well as the above WPF app. This will really be fun and challenging.

Next, WinRT Customer Application for order from the BBQ Shack.

Next, Ocean 4 for Windows Phone 8.

Next, Windows Phone 8 LOB Inventory taking application.  Barcode scanning, inventory verification, etc. Phones are so powerful these days, why not get the most value from the device, put it to work.

Next, Windows Phone 8 Customer Application for ordering from the BBQ Shack.

Then I’m going on a cruise and will probably need therapy!


This will be a wild ride over these next months. I will take time to write blog posts that explain the API’s and tools. It feels good to get back to blogging and speaking at User Groups and Code Camps.

Have a great day,

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

4 Responses to Enterprise, Touch This

  1. Can I throw in something I’m pretty curious about. Grab the PDF from this link:


    Dynamics CRM 2013 has this Metro-styled navigation. Which I think will lead the way for Office to appear eventually as a Metro application. Now from what I can see there’s a global navigation that takes you to sections. And there’s a secondary navigation (breadcrumbs) that shows you how you got here. The app bar brings up… other “screens” that may now be hidden since you are focused on the current record.

    Seems like a pretty good model to transition from the old Windows based – multiple windows business app back into a touch-friendly future. But without having Dynamics CRM hard to understand how it actually “feels”.

    • Karl says:


      Thank you very much, splendid suggestion. I’ve watched a few videos of the product and get the gist.

      Now you have me wanting to write BBQ Shack using WPF and WinRT. This is going to be a very fun journey.

      Thank you again and have a super day,


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