Blend Presestation Materials – Columbia, SC

Presentation Materials From Columbia Enterprise Developers GUILD Meeting 8-8-2007

The below down load contains :

1.  The Blend presentation PowerPoint
2.  Hello World A La Blend code and program
3.  VB.NET Win Forms Take Home Pay Calculator application (this was used as the model for the WPF application)
4.  Updated WPFTaxCalculator code and program

YOU MUST – after using the below link to download the file, you MUST change the extenstion to .zip.  This is a requirement of

Blend Presentation Materials From Columbia SC Updated 11 Aug 2007 

Cool Features In The WPF Tax Calculator Program

1.  Custom textbox that increments it’s value using the mouse just like Microsoft Expression Blend. 
2. The coolest tooltip. (Code shows you how to databind inside a resource back to the parent control that spawned the tooltip!)
3.  Data binding to a .Net 1.1 .dll by wrapping the class to conform to the WPF model for UI notification of property changes.
4.  A fully reusable Formatting Converter.  Handles all .Net formatting codes for fields.  Super easy to use in WPF UI.
5.  Using Enum element names to populate the combo boxes.
6.  Two result charts displayed in 3D space.

I learned so much about WPF and Blend while preparing this presentation.

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