Triangle .NET User Group, Raleigh, NC Presentation – Authoring WPF Custom Controls

This Wednesday, 14 Nov 2007 I’ll be presenting at the Triangle .Net User Group.  The topic is Authoring WPF Custom Controls.  The pizza is served at 5:00pm, the presentation should kick off at 6:00pm.  Come join us!

The presentation will include my new WPF AJAX Style ComboBox along with my WPF CheckListBox, WPF ListBoxWithItemIndicator and WPF HyperlinkCustomControl.  There will be a demonstration of RoutedEvents and how they tunnel and bubble through the element tree.  A WPF traffic light will also be used to demonstrate the WPF concept of “lookless” controls.  The code is all contained in four projects that can be downloaded below.

After a quick look at the above demos, the presentation will focus on the steps to author a custom control.  Many insights will be shared.  Microsoft has made it easy for developers to author their own controls.  Join in the fun and add WPF custom control authoring to your skill set.

Download Presentation Project Code  After downloading, you MUST change the file extension from .doc to .zip.

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