Mole For WPF Released!


This article and code have been replaced With Mole’s Home Page

Mole has been radically upgraded AGAIN. Mole now supports all Visual Studio projects.

Please get the word out and visit Mole For Visual Studio”

The remainded of the article are left here for historical purposes

Mole II Has Been Released.

Please use the newest release of Mole.  You can visit Mole II’s Home Page here:

This entry has been left here for historical purposes.To read the full story of Mole click here.Mole is a multifunction Visual Studio Visualizer that allows inspection of the visual tree while debugging WPF applications. For each element in the visual tree the developer can view all properties, visual image, run-time XAML and can drill through to property collections to view their values.

If you are a WPF developer, trust me, you’ll want to read about and download, Mole!

A complete article and downloads are posted at Code Project:

Mole v1 For WPF Article and Downloads

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

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