After Installing The New Framework 3.5 SDK VS2008 XAML Intellisense No Longer Works – Workaround Posted

I had blogged about a problem with the new Framework 3.5 SDK installation here .  After performing the installation the XAML code editor Intellisense quit working.

I also posted this issue on the SDK Team’s blog.  Within an hour of posting on their blog the SDK Team has sprung into action and began working on this issue.

I want to thank Microsoft employees Karin Meier-Magruder, Sean Grimaldi, Chris Hubbard and the rest of the developers who quickly got this issue sorted out and have posted a fix for the problem that you can read here:

This very simple workaround involves registering one dll using regsvr32.  You do not need to repair your Visual Studio 2008 installation.

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