Visual Studio 2008 Tip: Auto Complete & List Members

When working in Visual Studio 2008 with Auto Complete turned on, as you type variable or Type names, the Auto Complete feature begins by displaying either the Common or All list as in the picture below.  You have probably noticed that he text in the Auto Complete list is larger that the code text.  Check out this blog post Visual Studio 2008 Tip View Debugging Information Easier to learn how to do this.

 Auto Complete List Expanded

As you continue to type, the listing now collapses as in the picture below. 

Tip:  When in the collapsed view you can return to the expanded view by pressing CTRL + J.

Auto Complete List Collapsed

Tip: When the full listing is visible, but you would like to view the code that is covered by the Intellisense pop-up, press and hold the CTRL key, and the pop-up sets its opacity to 10% so that you can view the code that is below the pop-up.

Auto Complete List Transparent

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