WPF Business Application Series Part 2 – Form Notification Control That Binds To IDataErrorInfo.Error Property

Form Notification Control

I have posted the second article in the WPF Business Application Series.  You can read Part 2 on Code Project here: Form Notification Control That Binds To IDataErrorInfo.Error Property

This article covers in great detail the Form Notification control that binds to the IDataErrorInfo.Error property.  Binding to a business entity object that implements the IDataErrorInfo interface is also covered.

Article Special Features

  • Shows how the Form Notification popup is rendered in the Adorner Layer.
  • Explains how to extend the data binding system to utilize logical operations in trigger conditions.
  • Explains how to get around the ToolBar Button and TextBox IDataErrorInfo data binding gotcha. 
    • Problem is the TextBox source is not updated when a ToolBar Button is clicked.  A solution is provided.
  • Shows how to persist validation error cues in the Adorner layer when switching between TabItems.
  • Explains how to use the Dispatcher object to permit the System.Timers.Timer thread to update the UI.
  • Shows a creative use of skin ControlTempates to provide rounded corners on TextBoxes in one of the skins.

Metallic Skin

I hope you can learn about using WPF for writing business applications from this series.

Have a great day!

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