WPF Multi-Tier Business Application Track at the Enterprise Developers Guild Code Camp on 17 May 2008

Code Camp

On Saturday 17 May 2008, the Enterprise Developers Guild will have their spring Code Camp at the CPCC Central Campus located in Charlotte, NC. 

Directions and registration is posted here: Developers Guild Code Camp Registration 

Code Camps are very informative, free and fun. 

The following describes the WPF Multi-Tier Business Application Track.

In a Nutshell

Windows Presentation Foundation is the desktop user interface platform introduced in the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 and enhanced in the .NET Framework 3.5. It combines the best ideas of Windows Forms and ASP.NET, and then brings a broad range of new features to the table. WPF requires Architects and Developers to rethink the way they design and implement smart client applications.

In this seminar, you can get a head start by learning how to design and develop WPF business applications from Josh Smith and Karl Shifflett; two guys who have been working with WPF for years. Additionally Josh and Karl are both Microsoft MVP’s and Code Project MVP’s.

Curriculum Review


Before diving into WPF, first briefly get to know Josh and Karl and then have quick overview of what we will cover throughout the day.

WPF UI Architecture

Buildings must rest on a firm foundation in order to avoid falling over. The same holds true for a complex application’s user interface. This session covers fundamental topics necessary for creating a solid foundation upon which large, dynamic, user-friendly business applications can grow.

Data Binding

WPF is all about data binding. It is a core feature of the WPF framework, and professional WPF Developers must thoroughly understand it to be productive. This session reviews the fundamentals of WPF data binding and shows how to leverage data binding in real-world user interfaces.

WPF-Friendly Business Objects

The user interface is just one part of a smart client application. Enabling other parts of your system to leverage the rich capabilities of WPF requires some extra planning and foresight. This session explains how to create business objects that work well with WPF.

Advanced Data Binding

Business data is complicated. Displaying, editing, and validating complex data requires the use of advanced data binding techniques. This session shows how to use the features of WPF data binding that enable Developers to manage the complexity of their data.

WPF Tools & Performance Testing

The WPF community is full of great free utilities and tools that make it easier to program in WPF. This session shows how to use many of the tools, including several tools that aid in testing the performance of a WPF user interface.

MVC and Unit Testing

The Model-View-Controller and Model-View-Presenter patterns are time-tested, developer-approved solutions for creating modular, loosely coupled application architectures. One of the key benefits of using those patterns is that the system is much easier to unit test. This session dives deep into how you can implement MVC in a WPF application, and how to create unit tests for the Model and Controller.

Materials & Handouts

The source code and presentation slides from this track will be distributed with the Code Code CD that each attendee receives.

Seating & Registration

Registration for the May Code Camp has opened.  You can register here:  Developers Guild Code Camp Registration

When you register, you can choose which track you would like to attend.  Choosing a track does not restrict you from attending a session on another track.

Selecting the track that you will attend most of your sessions in, will help organizers allocate seating space.

The WPF Business Application Track has been given a room that seats at least 75 developers. 


Code Camps are free to all attendees, including the food, drinks, facility, resource CD’s, printed materials and product give away’s.

This is why we appreciate our valuable sponsors so much.  They provide money, materials, products, time and personnel to enable Code Camps to be held.  Without our sponsors, these Code Camps would not happen.

The May Code Camp will have many sponsors.  I’ve been personally involved with three of our Code Camp sponsors and want to mention them here.

Infragistics      CrystalTechlogo



Infragistics is generously supplying resource DVD’s, data sheets.  For the give away portion of Code Camp they have sweetened the pie with Infragistics products and t-shirts.

Infragistics is also funding Josh Smith’s trip from New York City to Charlotte, NC so that Josh can teach in the WPF Business Application Track.

Josh is Mr. WPF.  His authoritative articles and blog is widely read in the WPF community.  Along with being a great friend has been my mentor for the last year.  We are blessed to have Josh Smith speaking at our Code Camp.


CrystalTech is generously donating financial resources to help fund the needs of the Code Camp as outlined above. 

CrystalTech is also funding Chandi Johnson’s trip from Arizona so that she could be on-site to personally assist developers and businesses understand the capabilities and wide ranging programs that CrystalTech offers those who require a hosting solution for their web sites or data.

I met Chandi at the recent Microsoft MIX08 conference and was very impressed by her knowledge of “real world” hosting requirements ranging from the small individual web site hosting, dedicated hosting, Share Point hosting up to an including data storage.

If you individually, your customers or business are looking for a hosting solution come and speak in person with Chandi and see how you, your customers or business can benefit from a CrystalTech solution.

Red Gate Software

Red Gate Software is generously donating t-shirts, product licenses and discounts to Code Camp attendees.

I’m still working out all the final details and will update this post when the ink is dry.

For the past few days I have enjoyed working with Red Gate putting this together.  I have been a long time SQL Compare customer of theirs and can only say from personal experience that they have first class products and tech support.  I recently purchased Ants Profiler to help with my WPF and LINQ programming and will give a real world demonstration of Ants during the Performance session.

I used Ants Profiler the other day to find where and why a LINQ to SQL query appeared to run slow the first time it was run.  You can read that post here: Reconciling Initial use of LINQ to SQL Datacontext

See You At Code Camp!

Have a great day!

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

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