WPF Multi-Tier Business Application Track Code Camp Source Code

This blog post contains the source code for three of the May 17th 2008, Charlotte Code Camp sessions.  I have also included a short video below that introduces this application.

In about a week, I’ll post links to videos of all six sessions from the WPF Multi-Tier Business Application Track.  Josh Smith and I each did three sessions at in this track.


  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Infragistics xamDataGrid version 7.2. 
    • This is a free data grid for WPF that you can download Infragistics xamDataGrid here. 
    • If you have the Infragistics .NET Advantage for WPF Volume 7.2 you do not need to download the data grid.
    • Note:  you may need to reset the Infragistics references in this application if you have downloaded the free version of xamDataGrid.

The xamDataGrid is used in two of the application forms.


The included application was used instead of PowerPoint slides during the Code Camp.  It also contains a demo sales application that uses each of the features of the provided library.  The application uses many of the WPF features I’ve been blogging and writing Code Project articles on over the last few months and consolidates them into an application.

I strongly recommend that you view the above Code Camp videos when I post them.  They will help you get started and fully understand this application and all the very powerful time/code saving features.

This application is written to show WinForms developers how to accomplish familiar programming tasks in WPF.  WPF is fully ready and provides a super platform for developing line of business applications.  In case you are wondering, I keyed in the XAML by hand.  I didn’t use Expression Blend or my code generator.  I’ve been spending so much time writing code that it was nice to get back into working with XAML.

The data for this application is stored in the \bin directory of the application in the DatabaseEngineData.xml file.  If you delete the file, the database will be recreated for you when the application starts.


The above image shows the Sales Person Maintenance form using the xamDataGrid.  The data grid is fully editable and supports business object validation using the IDataErrorInfo interface.


The above image show a busy application with six open forms.  The Task Switcher allows the user to easily task switch between open forms in the application.


Silverlight Icon

The video links require Microsoft Silverlight 1.0. If you do not have it, you will be prompted to install it when you click one of the links. After the short installation is completed, close the browser window that you did the install in and re-click the video you want to watch. You can also download it here. Windows XP or Vista required.

Application Overview and Introduction


Source Code: After downloading the source code you MUST change the file extension from .zip.DOC to .zip. This is a requirement of WordPress.com.

Download Visual Studio 2008 Source 660KB

I hope that this demo application gives you a some more understanding of WPF and how WPF can be used to create line of business applications.

Have a great day!

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