Thank You Infragistics, Red Gate Software & CrystalTech Web Hosting

The May 17th 2008 Enterprise Develoepers Guild Code Camp was a super event.  We had the largest number of attendees ever this Code Camp.

But I don’t measure success by the number of developers willing to travel and give up a day off.  Rather I measure success by the countenance of the crowd at the end of the day.

Everyone is speaking with new found friends or business contacts; they are exchanging the highlights of their day; new ideas and possibilities are flowing; a developer received new insight or perspective that has them looking forward to Monday morning and sharing the solution their company has been looking for.  This Code Camp, like all the other Code Camp’s I’ve been to, was a huge success.


In order for a Code Camp to execute smoothly and successfully the following four ingredents are necessary.  Maybe one day our Enterprise Developers Guild President Bill Jones will write a blog posting on exactly what it takes to organize a Code Camp.  Trust me the checkist is long.

From the above sponsors link you can see that we had many sponsors for this Code Camp.  I’m very greatful to each of the sponsors for their generous support of the Guild events.

We Thank You

I was directly involved in working with three of the sponsors and wanted to thank them personally.  What better way to thank someone, then by allowing them to share in the fruit of their giving.  Below are the winners of the software licenses donated by Infragistics and Red Gate Software.  In addition to the software licenses, both companies provided a box of accessories and t-shirts.

 Mark Bill
Bob Josh

Infragistics also flew Josh Smith down to Charlotte to speak in the WPF Track of Code Camp.  Thank you Infragistics for blessing our Code Camp with Josh.

In addition to a very generous cash donation, CrystalTech Web Hosting also flew Chandi Johnson from Arizona to Charlotte to be on-site to assist developers with their hosting needs.  We have a good number of Guild members that have been using CrystalTech as their business’s web hosting solution provider for many years.  I myself have a personal web site with them and will be writing a Code Project article soon about two very cool ASP.NET solutions.

I met Chandi at MIX08 not long ago.  Within a few minutes I found that I was speaking with the “real deal.”  I must be a good judge of character and technical skills because 10 days ago CrystalTech agreed with my assessment and promoted Chandi to vice president.  Way to go Chandi!



On a personal note I’ve been using Red Gate’s SQL Compare product for 5 years.  Our company would not be successful without SQL Compare;  It allows us to very easily and quickly update our customers database schema over a VPN connection.  I’m also a very happy user of the Ant’s Profiler product.

I have also been using the Infragistics .NET Advantage for WPF since it came out.  Love this product and have learned so much from the example code provided in the product.

I case you are wondering, I personally paid for all the above products and web site hosting.  So you can see, I’m just another very happy user of Infragistics, Red Gate and CrystalTech.

Thank you again Infragistics, Red Gate and CrystalTech we Code Camper’s really appreciate you.

Have a great day!

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

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