XAML Power Toys v2 Released (finally) Code Name: Hawaii

I know it has been two weeks, but it is finally here.  Trust me, I’ve crawled through a hot desert and survived a tidal wave to get this code released.  Another way to say it, I ate from a table full of humble pies!  These multi AppDomain Add-In’s can present challenges in a number of areas including security.  I’ll write a full Code Project article on the source code and how it works over the next two weeks or so.


The primary goal of XAML Power Toys is to deliver tools that enable developers to quickly layout and maintain Line of Business Application forms.  You’ll notice that the below features are business form focused.  This does not limit the use of the software, I’m just providing the current target project type.

After Silverlight RTM is released, I’ll update this software to render XAML targeted for Silverlight also.


  • Create Business Form For Class
  • Create Business Form
  • Show Fields List For Class
  • Group Into
    • Border, StackPanel, WrapPanel, etc.
  • Remove Designer XAML
  • Remove All Margins
  • Edit Grid Column and Rows


I’m begging every developer in the strongest possible terms, please view the below videos.  They will get you up and running and productive in a very short time.  These are all new videos updated on 16 Sept 2008.

Code Name:  Hawaii

There is a rumor going around that I went to Hawaii this past weekend, (13-14 September) just to purchase new Hawaiian shirts.  Yes, that rumor is true.  I had a great time, got a super price on the ticket and got the new shirts I needed.  Also worked on this code a good bit during the trip.

So in remembrance of shirt buying spree in Oahu, this code based is named; Hawaii.

Cider Designer Goodness

The other day I was speaking with Mark Boulter, a Program Manager and Technical Lead on the Cider Team about the Cider Designer and why it was programmed the way it is.  He explained to me that one of the primary goals was to give developers the ability to lay a WPF form out using x,y coordinate layout and then quickly convert that layout to a table or grid layout.  This conversation helped me to use the designer rather than fight it.

In the above XAML Power Toys Accessories video, I demonstrate using the Cider Designer to quickly lay a form out using control drag and drop and then use XAML Power Toys to convert the layout to a flow layout.  In the video, you’ll see just how easy and fast you can lay a form out using the Cider Designer.

Version 3

Please leave your feedback, both good and bad.

Josh Smith and I will be leading the work on this project and have already created a decent size list of new features and enhancements.

Thanks To

I want to thank Bea Costa for her outstanding drag and drop example code, Rob Zelt and Josh Smith for their help on this project.  It is always a rewarding pleasure to work with them.

I can see another, “Mole like” sprint looming on the horizon.  Ideas and great feedback, fueling the hard work to develop useful features for WPF and Silverlight developers.

XAML Power Toys Home Page

I have updated the XAML Power Toy Home Page with the latest source, installers, documentation and of course videos! 

Have a great day.

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

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