Cool Usage Tip For XAML Power Toys

I received a suggestion tonight from a user of XAML Power Toys to enhance the Group Into feature.  His scenario (like many of ours) is that he is trying to select 100+ lines of XAML code and then use the Group Into command.  He explained that selecting a lot of XAML was difficult and potentially error prone.

So I started thinking how I could program this very good suggestion.  I ran the request through my K.I.S.S. filter to come up with a solution.  K.I.S.S. = Keep It Super Simple.

Group Into With Ease

Below is an image of some XAML.  Granted this is not 100+ lines, but will serve our purpose.

The task is to group the DataGrid into a Border.


We can use the collapse feature of the XAML editor to collapse the XAML tree that we want to Group Into a Border.  By clicking on the above contract icon, we get our 100+ lines of XAML contracted to a single line of XAML.


Now, just select the single line, fire up the XAML Power Toys, Group Into feature.  Presto, clean, fast and error free.


Keep the suggestions and feedback coming.  I have received 6 suggestions and a correction.  I have already implemented every suggestion.  Every user of XAML Power Toys thanks those who submitted feature requests and suggestions!

The next version of XAML Power Toys will be released when Silverlight 2 RTM is released.  Keep an eye on Scott Guithrie’s blog for the release announcement.

If you are not using XAML Power Toys yet, get it here.

Have a great day!

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

2 Responses to Cool Usage Tip For XAML Power Toys

  1. wrayx1 says:

    I am not sure you know this but, Visual Studio has had this from day one. If you click the collapse indicator for a block of text and move the cursor just to left of the indicator, but not in the breakpoint bar, the cursor will change to a right pointing cursor. Click at that point and your block of text is selected. Two mouse clicks.


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