All New XAML Power Toys Videos Published

I have remade all the XAML Power Toys videos and published them on the XAML Power Toys Home Page.

The videos are shorter in length and more granular.  The Form, DataGrid & ListView videos all use the Design Time Data Feature to enhance the video with live design time data during the layout process.

New Features In v3.4.0.1

I also corrected the WPF DataGrid comment that is emitted when the WPF DataGrid is created. 

This is the comment that contains the assembly and namespace for the WPFToolkit and is incorrect. 

If you are using the WPF DataGrid tool, and want the correct comment, then please update your install of XAML Power Toys.  If not, you do not need to update.


I’m begging every developer in the strongest possible terms, please view the below videos. They will get you up and running and productive in a very short time.

The video links require Microsoft Silverlight 1.0.  If you do not have it, you will be prompted to install it when you click one of the links.  After the short installation is completed, close the browser window that you did the install in and re-click the video you want to watch.   You can also download it here. Windows XP or Vista required.

  XAML Power Toys Installation and Setup  MUST VIEW   Set Control Settings (7:13)  Please View 
  Create Business Form (5:19)   Build Form For Class (9:33)
  Edit Grid Row Columns (7:22)   Fields List For Class(6:11)
  Grid Tools (Remove Margins, Chainsaw) (5:22)   Group Into (7:28)
  Silverlight DataGrid For Class (9:53)   WPF DataGrid For Class(6:59)
  WPF ListView For Class (7:18)  

Have a great day.

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