XAML Power Toys 3.5 Released Updated For New WPF & Silverlight Toolkits

The new releases of the Smoking Hot WPF and Silverlight Toolkits has prompted an update for XAML Power Toys.

New Features In v3.5

  • XAML Power Toys has been fully updated to support the new release of the WPF Toolkit released on 10/28/2008.  There were some property name changes in the DataGrid, these have been updated.  I strongly suggest you download the new release of the WPF Toolkit as the XAML spit from this tool matches the new release and not the previous beta WPF Toolkit.
  • Both the WPF and Silverlight DataGrid XAML design tools now allow you to select the DatePicker.  If selected, the DatePicker will be rendered in a DataGridTemplateColumn.
  • Both the WPF and Silverlight form design tools now allow you to select the DatePicker as a UI control that can be rendered on the form.
  • The Silverlight Toolkit was released on 10/28/2008.  This toolkit has a Label control.  XAML Power Toys supports rendering a Label using the new control.  See the Control Defaults section below for guidance on enabling the new Silverlight Label control.
  • The DatePicker has been added to the UI Control Defaults dialog box.
  • The Fields list now supports dragging a DatePicker to the form.

New XAML Power Toys Download

You can download the new version of XAML Power Toys here.

WPF Toolkit Released 10/28/2008

Download WPF Toolkit on CodePlex. This link also has links to walk through’s,  tips and tricks, the new WPF Ribbon and a hands on lab.

Silverlight Toolkit Released 10/28/2008

Download Silverlight Toolkit on CodePlex. This link also has links to all the new controls, live samples of the controls and the charting feature.

XAML Power Toys Live Meeting Broadcast on Thursday, 30 October

This will be a one hour live session over Microsoft Live Meeting.  The meeting will start at 9:00pm EST, 8:00pm CST or 6:00pm PST.

You can get your questions answered live as well as gets tips on the tool.

This session will be posted on the NotAtPDC.com presentations page soon.  The post will provide a link that you can click on to get connected to the meeting.  If you have never done this before, it is very easy and FREE!

You can read all about the Not At PDC site here and here.

To view the presentations, you’ll need the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 client.


Wow!  What a day for WPF and Silverlight!  New controls, walk through’s and demos.  Just does not get any better.  These new controls have some serious Kung-Fu.

Stop by Tim Heuer’s blog and Jesse Liberty’s blog for a run down on the Silverlight goodness.

Have a great day and let’s write some code!

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

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