MVVM Update

I know that many developers are waiting of me to post the MVVM code.  I have spent the last three weekends tracing memory leaks that I thought were in my libraries.  I just didn’t want to post code that I knew had a memory leak.  I finally tracked the problem down today to a control.  For now, I have removed that control from my projects.  I will do a blog post on the control as soon as the control vendor has validated my findings from today. 

I will post the WPF LOB MVVM code and article on Monday, 8 December 2008.  The MVVM applications are all ready, I just need to write the article and make a few videos.  The main application I’ll post tomorrow has the Unit Tests to run the application without the UI.

This three weekends of lost time has set my delivery of Ocean back too.  I hope to post Ocean by the 18th or 19th of December.  The documentation will take the most time.

Here are some things happening in the MVVM spaces for WPF LOB developers that I know about:

  • Jaime Rodriguez, possibly Josh Smith, possibly Beth Massi and myself will be doing an all day teaching event on WPF LOB MVVM in Los Altos near the end of January 2009.  As soon as registration opens I’ll post a message here.
  • Adam Kinney and I will be recording another Channel 9 video over the next 10 days covering WPF LOB MVVM.
  • I know of another MVVM video being recorded by an MVVM Rock Star next week.  Details to follow.
  • Josh Smith and I are getting together in New York City this weekend and will post some MVVM coolness next weekend.
  • The WPF Disciples had a long and interesting thread on MVVM that you can read here:  WPF Disciples Thread.

Hope you have a great day!

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  1. dgennetten says:

    Did the Channel 9 WPF video ever get posted?


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