Won 3rd Prize at www.community-credit.com

I was notified this morning by David Silverlight of www.community-credit.com that I had won 3rd prize for logging my community work for December 2008.

This time I won The Lego Calendar.  How cool is this!  All prizes award this and every month can be viewed here.  Trust me, David awards only the super geek stuff.

Supplied in three blocks displaying day, month and year which can, thanks to their Lego brick type design be assembled at will, each yellow, white and red block measures in at 80mm square with the click over display being changeable with a simple depression of each of the blocks.


I joined Community Credit on 21 Dec 2007.  It is a super web site where developers can log their contributions to the world of computing and developing.  You don’t log work related items, just things you do outside of work and then give or expose to world, usually over the Internet in the form of articles, tutorials, code examples, presentations, attending community groups and code camp.

This is an international site.  So you are in effect competing with developers all over the world.

This site is an awesome resource for logging your efforts for MVP consideration or as part of your on-line resume.

It’s all about sharing and learning from one another.  Trust me, you have skills, techniques, methods, ideas or programs that will be of value to many others.  So contribute and have fun too!

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

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