Winner of Code Project December 2008 VB.NET Article Award

Today I received the Code Project   Prize winner in Competition “Best VB.NET article of December 2008”.

The  Creating an Internationalized Wizard in WPF code and article is the one Josh Smith and I wrote together over the weekend when I flew out to New York City to hang with Mr. WPF.

This article is part of the MVVM series and is a good example for creating localized MVVM WPF applications.

Go For It

Writing an article is really a lot of work.  Not to mention that it is hanging out there for the world to see and comment on.

I want to encourage readers of this blog to go for it.  Write an article and start your blog.  You will grow technically and professionally. Additionally, you will also get a sense of satisfaction from contributing to the development community.

Have a great day!

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

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