New Blog Posts on WPF & Silverlight Designer Blog

I’ve been spending a good bit of time writing blog posts on my Team’s Blog that I think will be of interest to readers of my blog.

How To Blog Posts:

Taming the WPF Expander Control

Create WPF Master – Detail UI Using Data Sources Window Object DataSource

Loading Projects in Visual Studio not Located on Local Machine

Known Issue Blog Posts:

These posts will help you work around known issues and improve your experience with Visual Studio 2010.

Known Issue – Controls Deriving From A Generic Base Class Must Be In Separate Assembly

Known Issue: Controls and GAC, Toolbox and TCI – if you are a control author, I strongly recommend you reads this blog post.

Known Issue: Attached Property ListBox.AlternationIndex Causes Error in Designer


My post on BBQ Shack and Ocean v2 is almost completed.  It will be up over the next day or two.  Sorry for making everyone wait SO long.

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