Karl Now Using Vimeo for Videos

Silverlight Streaming has been officially closed down.  I did a good bit of research and found that for non-commercial screen cast videos, Vimeo offered the best overall solution ($59.00 per year).  Flat fee for my super low bandwidth videos.

They also have a feature that MANY people have been asking me to support.  If you look at the below image, you’ll see three red arrows.

Top left is the play button.  Top right is the full screen button.

Favorite Feature:  after you log into Vimeo with your account, you can view my videos or download them in .wmv format.  That’s why I parted with the $59.00, so you could download the video.  Hope you enjoy the feature.  Vimeo is free to join.  So if you want to download my videos, just join and use the feature pointed to by the lower right arrow.

Over time, I’ll need to move all my videos to Vimeo.



Have a great day,

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2 Responses to Karl Now Using Vimeo for Videos

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