Announcing events WPF for LOB & Windows 7 and .NET 4

Jaime Rodriguez and Karl Shifflett have created their best offering to-date; three days packed with WPF, optimized for building business applications and a tour of WPF for Windows 7 and .NET 4.


This event is actually two events running back-to-back, "WPF for LOB" and "Windows 7 and .NET 4".

You can register for one or both events. If you want to attend both, you must register for both.

For this event we are adding an optional fourth day for those who want to spend a day programming, applying the information learned over the three days with your own code. We will have Microsoft Experts and MVP’s on hand to assist and pair program with you. This extra day provides you time to work at your own pace and ensure that you understand how to take advantage of the material presented over the previous three days.

Overview – WPF for LOB Event

This two day training is designed to teach developers how to create Line of Business (LOB) applications using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

  • Day One Topics: WPF graphics subsystem, layout, element trees, resources, dependency properties, routed events, custom controls, templates and threading.
  • Day Two Topics: Data binding, commands, building applications using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, creating testable applications, implementing data validation, and error handling and notification, view navigation and transitions.

After completion, attendees will have a solid understanding of WPF, its advantages and how to use the M-V-VM pattern to create great WPF LOB applications.

Overview – Windows 7 and .NET 4 Day Event

We will spend all day recapping the new WPF features in .NET4 and showing you how to take advantage of some of these new features:

  • Tooling Improvements
  • Graphics & Platform Improvements
  • Deployment Improvements
  • New features that light-up on Windows 7

Dates, Location, Registration

All events run from 8:30am – 5:30pm. Doors open at 8:00am.

Remember, to attend both events you must register for each event.

Registration Tip

If you have never filled out an MSDN event profile before, you’ll do so the first time you register.

If asked about being a partner, if you are not a partner or don’t know if you are:

  • When asked "are you registered" select No. 
  • Select "Visiting partner" under Partner Level.
  • Get creative on the Partner Type;  if in doubt, we are all "System builders"




Registration Links



Microsoft Redmond Campus, Building 20

WPF for LOB Registration


Windows 7 and .NET 4

Microsoft Redmond Campus, Building 20

Windows 7 and .NET 4 Registration


Pair Programming

TBD – announced during training

None required

Detail Agenda

We will post the detailed agenda for the three training days around the 4/22/2010.


Instructor-led training from 8:30am – 5:30pm. 15 minute breaks every couple hours. 45 minutes lunch around mid-day.

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided.

The training is FREE. You do need to register prior to the event, but there is no cost.

Registration is first-come-first serve, sign-up as early as possible to reserve your spot!

If you register and then learn you cannot attend the event, please take steps to cancel your reservations. Not cancelling could prevent another developer for attending the training. Thank you for your professionalism.


About the instructors
Karl Shifflett is a software architect, former Microsoft MVP from Bellevue, Washington. He is currently working for Microsoft on the Cider Team as a Program Manager. He has been designing & developing business applications since 1989 and transitioned to .NET in March of 2003. In April of 2007 he joined the list of WPF and Microsoft Expression fanatics & evangelists. He is a member of Team Mole that delivered Mole Visualizer For Visual Studio to the world. He is the author to XAML Power Toys and loves WPF LOB. 

Karl’s blog is at

Jaime Rodriguez is a Principal Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. He focuses on WPF and Silverlight.   For the last four years, he has helped a lot of enterprises and ISVs adopt WPF in large scale, mission critical, projects.

Jaime has been doing software development for fifteen years. Prior to Microsoft, he worked at Xerox, HP, Cerner and GeoAccess.  He joined Microsoft 9 years ago, he spent the first four years as an Enterprise Architect Consultant in Microsoft Services, and the last five he has been a client evangelist covering Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight. 

Jaime’s blog is at

Have a great day,

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5 Responses to Announcing events WPF for LOB & Windows 7 and .NET 4

  1. kendrickhang says:

    Hi Karl,

    I attended the training event you and Jaime held in NYC last year and I’m interested in attending your again this year now that I’ve learned a lot more about WPF MVVM and I am actively developing LOB applications using WPF and MVVM. Is there any chance that you will take this training tour on the road again this year, or is this session in Redmond more of a one-time event? Any insights you can offer will help me plan my travels.

    Thanks for putting these fantastic training events together!

  2. Ken,

    Great to hear you are doing so well with WPF.

    We will be recording the sessions in Redmond and will post the videos.

    Not sure if we have the funding for going on the road this year.



  3. […] If you're up near Redmond and want some WPF for LOB and/or WPF for Windows 7 and .NET 4 training, check out what Karl Shifflett and Jaime Rodriguez have put together. […]

  4. bata92 says:

    For the WPF LOB training, are there any prerequisites/experience level needed for attending? Do you expect a certain level of expertise in WPF already? I am thinking of coming in from out of town so I want to make sure it will be useful before deciding to come.

    • Great question. If you have zero experience with WPF, can I suggest that you get and read Adam Nathans, WPF Unleashed.

      Also, spend some time working the examples and possibly write a few simple apps.

      We do attempt to take developers from other platforms and get them aquainted with WPF and show how to be successful.

      Also the last day, Saturday, we’ll be pair programming all day so you’ll have access to experts to help you with your project at your pace.




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