New Book Available: Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Prism 4

Last fall patterns & practices shipped Prism 4.


Today we are announcing the availability of the “Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Prism 4” book.


This book is available from O’Reilly or Amazon.


The eBook will be available for download shortly.


The MSDN online content is available here.


What’s In The Book?

Prism helps you to design and build flexible and maintainable WPF and Silverlight applications by using design patterns that support important architectural design principles, such as separation of concerns and loose coupling.

This guide will show you how to use Prism to implement the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern in your applications, and how to use it along with commands and interaction requests to encapsulate application logic and make it testable.

It will show you how to split an application into separate functional modules that can communicate through loosely coupled events, and how to integrate those modules into the overall application.

It will show you how to dynamically construct a flexible user interface by using regions, and how to implement rich navigation across a modular application.

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10 Responses to New Book Available: Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Prism 4

  1. Awesome, I have been reading the compiled html files on prism, going through the PrismTraining 4 Kit and am finally getting a grasp on this stuff. This book will be the icing on the cake. I finally got a small shell to work using Telerik RadRibbonBar control and module discovery and I was really happy. You are doing an awesome job Karl, between your “In the Box MVVM” training, the Prism Navigation example, you are making life easier for us developers. Already ordered the book from as soon as I received the email that the book was out! Now, I cannot wait to get it!

    Take care,

    • Karl says:

      Thank you for your very kind words.

      Nice to hear you’re making progress on your Prism application. Once you get the first couple of apps wired up and bootstrapping correctly, it will become second nature and you’ll love it.



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  3. sbussinger says:

    I’m hoping that you’ll make the eBook version more than just a PDF file. Something that’s more Kindle friendly like .MOBI would be great!

  4. henson2k says:

    How the content of this book different from PDF posted at ?

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