Announcing a Prism, Unity, WPF, MVVM Training Event

Save the dates for a 3 day patterns & practices Prism, Unity, WPF, MVVM training event, 27-29 June in Boise, ID.

Join three Prism Team members Bob Brumfield (lead developer), Geoff Cox (developer), and myself (program manager) for an information packed 2 days of instruction followed up by a day of pair-programming.

Day one will consist of WPF and MVVM topics; day two Prism 4.0 and Unity; day three is dedicated to pair-programming, getting your questions answered, and an opportunity for you to apply the last two days’ training against your scenarios and programming style. The pair-programming day is always so much fun along with some wicked coding.

This is a free event for 75 attendees. Each seat has a desktop, power and wireless.

Registration will open soon and will be announced on my blog and twitter.

Very much looking forward to spending time with developers and taking in the beauty of Idaho.

Have a great day,

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

19 Responses to Announcing a Prism, Unity, WPF, MVVM Training Event

  1. xyzzer says:

    Do you sometimes do these in the mothership too? :)

  2. ruperthu says:

    do you plan to do any of these in London or Europe at any time?? Hope so!

  3. azcodemonkey says:

    I’m champing at the bit for registration.

  4. tkmagesh says:

    Will you be recording the proceedings and publishing them? It will be very useful for those who cannont attend in person….

  5. joekahl says:

    Hi Karl. I joined WordPress.

    I am in the Eastern timezone and I have to leave work for the day. I may log in tonight, but will defintely be in 8-6 tomorrow.
    I am loking forward to working with you. We have a nice little team here, four developers and an architect. Weare building two decent sized apps with full architectural concerns. The more I learn to more I will share.
    Let’s get started!
    Sincerely, Joe

  6. joekahl says:

    My initial contact with you is in regards to a CodePlex post titled “ConfirmNavigationRequest does not work in WPF”.

    • joekahl says:

      We may be able to send staff to the training. The event is free and the travel and hotel is on us? Is that correct?

      • Karl says:


        This event sold out in 6 days. There is a waiting list that you can add your names to. I can’t guarantee a seat will open up, but it could.

        Yes the event is free, the rest is on attendees.



  7. John Montoya says:

    Hi Karl,

    Is this event to be presented in other locations in the near future? I would love to attend this event.


    John Montoya

    • Karl says:

      Hi John,

      At the moment, Boise is the only scheduled event. I’m working to bring it to other cities, but can’t commit at this point.

      You can add you name to the waiting list, you never know, a spot could open up.

      What city are you in?



  8. John Montoya says:

    Hi Karl,

    I am located in NYC, but I am willing to travel to see this event. I cannot make it for the June time but I would love to attend a future schedule event using Prism. Where do I sign up to find out about these types of events? Talk to you soon.



    • Karl says:

      Hi John,

      NYC is one city I’m trying to visit. Fingers crossed.

      My blog or twitter account @kdawg02 are good places to watch for announcements.



  9. John Montoya says:

    That would be wonderful. I will follow you blog. Hope to see this event in NYC.



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