Mole v 1.3 for Visual Studio 2010 Released

Mole 2010 v1.3 contains a lot of enhancements made in response to customer feedback. These range from simple bug fixes to making existing features more powerful.

Developers leveraging Prism will be happy to find enhanced support for exploring objects from the Prism and Unity frameworks.

Several fixes will make our large user base in Germany quite happy, including the ability to use a list separator, other than a comma, in exported CSV files.

Mole v1.3 Enhancements

  • Fixed bug where Mole would not close properly when computer has a touch-enabled screen (worked around a WPF issue).
  • Enabled viewing and drilling into more collection types. Mole 2010 now supports drilling into any IEnumerable object.
  • Both the Key and Value properties of a DictionaryEntry object are now shown in the MoloScope’s Value column.
  • Collection items for NameValueCollection now show the keys and values in the MoloScope.
  • Improved support for working with Prism and Unity applications (support for drilling into the RegionManager and Unity container collections).
  • Enabled drilling into objects with only non-public fields.
  • Exporting collection data to CSV now uses the list separator defined by your system locale, instead of always using a comma.
  • The Options dialog allows you to specify a list separator to use in the CSV files, if necessary.
  • MoloScope column widths are no longer set to incorrect large values when running on a system with the German locale.
  • Snapshot rendering of Windows Forms controls has been modified to properly handle some edge cases.

Current Registered Users

Current registered users of Mole can download this updated version and install the new version over old one.

Demo Version Available

If you are interested in trying out Mole 2010 before buying it, visit the Molosoft Demo page to get the latest release of the trial version. The trial version includes the new features and fixes listed on this page.

Learn About Mole

To learn about the Visual Studio 2010 Debugger Visualizer Mole and how this debugging tool can help you when debugging applications in Visual Studio 2010, please visit


We welcome and appreciate your feedback on Mole!

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