Code for Boise Code Camp 3-16-2013

Data Caching Session

This example application is for the session, “An Approach to Real World Application Data Caching” can be downloaded below. Included in the download is the demo application, the Ocean 3 framework binaries, and the  PowerPoint deck.

This application demonstrates one solution to real world data caching.  I use the techniques presented here in production applications with many users.

In the future, I’ll write a full blog post on this and possibly post a video walkthrough. I’ll also post the Ocean 3 code, just have not had time to document and write a full example application.

Mole Session

A pdf of the Mole slides can be downloaded below.

Mole can be purchased or a demo of Mole can be downloaded at


After downloading change the extension from .zip.DOC to .zip. This is a requirement of WordPress. You will also need to Unblock the file using the file properties dialog in Windows Explorer.

Download (Data Caching Demo w/Database (1.4 MB))

There is a database backup in the \DataCachingDemo\Database Backup folder.  You’ll need to restore this to a SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server 2008 R2 Express. If you restore to SQL Server, you’ll need to change the connection string to point to your server.  Currently, the demo application points to SQL Server Express.

Download (Mole Session Slides in PDF (613 KB))

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2 Responses to Code for Boise Code Camp 3-16-2013

  1. karl, Thank you for your session in Data Caching. It was a wonderful experience to watch you speak. You where entertaining and kept me captivated for the entirety of your session. I would like to ask one question however, wouldn’t it be possible to use a trigger event or server side polling to determine when an update to the database has been made that then pushes a notification to the clients to refresh the cache?

    While listening to your session it came to me that a client side manual refresh might not be needed if there was a server side push notification to the client. I guess this would require additional software be installed server side to poll the database for the changes, and I’m not sure how a trigger event could be used to instantiate a push notification, but it was something I was thinking about and had not wanted to interrupt the session with.

    Again thank you for the wonderful session and I hope to have the opportunity to hear you speak again in the future.

    • Karl says:

      Thank you for your kind remarks.

      I think the SQL Server solution I mentioned work very similar to what you are saying.

      Sitting her thinking, you could have a service that clients register with. When the service determines that a change has occurred, it could notify registered clients of the table that changed. I’ll add this to the code and republish. Give me a week to the get the code up.

      Great suggestion.




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