Microsoft Please Fix Dialogs in our Tools

Dear Microsoft Program Managers and Product Unit Managers,

Please update Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio to no longer use fixed sized dialogs in these applications.

It’s 5 seconds per dialog of an interns time to do this for these dialogs and possibly others.

For us out here in the world some of these are a real pain (PIA) to use everyday.

Some Visual Studio Dialogs Offenders





SQL Server Management Studio Offenders

While you at it please fix this dialog to not always collapse the Tables and Columns region each time I click on a different relationship or when I click Add.





Have a great tooltip free day,

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

4 Responses to Microsoft Please Fix Dialogs in our Tools

  1. anilmujagic says:

    +1 for SSMS FKs dialog.

  2. I agree especially as some of these dialog boxes are made of resizing-aware components (grid, PropertyGrid,etc…).

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  4. thieum22 says:

    You can vote for this feature in uservoice here (at least for the options in VS) :


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