Seattle GiveCamp Oct 21-23 2011 in Redmond

September 8, 2011

Give camps are a great way for developers, designers, and database administrators to give back to non-profit organizations, and to have a very fun weekend too!

All the details and sign up for the Redmond GiveCamp can be read here:

What I like about weekend events like this is the challenge:

  • Working with a team you may have never met
  • Writing an application you have zero up front context on
  • Delivering over the weekend an application that will be deployed and used the next week

For this event, I’ll be joining a group of of Microsoft LightSwitch team members to take up the challenge of delivering an application using LightSwitch over the weekend.

This is a great opportunity for you to meet others, exercise your skills on a team, learn from other team members and have fun at the same time.

If you find yourself in Redmond in October, we hope to see you there.

Don’t forget you need to sign up here:

Have a great day,

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